Our Criminal Law Services

Chestertown DUI Defense

Archey Law provides honest and aggressive legal representation for all kinds of DUI offenses.

Our Chestertown criminal lawyers can help you get your life back on track.


Chestertown OUI Defense

While OUIs (operating under the influence) are common in Maryland, their defense is highly specialized and distinct from defending any other type of allegation.

With Archey Law, you’ll have an aggressive criminal lawyer on your side every step of the way.

Chestertown Traffic Violations

Receiving a speeding or traffic ticket happens. We understand.

A good Chestertown criminal lawyer can help minimize the consequences of the charge in court and keep your driving record healthy.


Chestertown Assault Attorney

We realize the seriousness of any domestic violence charge.

Our team of assault lawyers will make sure your side is heard and help you navigate the legal process.


Chestertown Drug Attorney

Drug-related offenses can seriously impact your future. Archey Law will help fight for your freedom. 

With extensive experience defending drug cases, we go through the analysis, the chain of custody forms and the police reports with a fine tooth comb.

Chestertown Hunting & Fishing Defense

Hunting or fishing out of season or catching fish that don’t meet weight requirements can be a misdemeanor.

Our Chestertown criminal lawyer can help you avoid or lessen fines for violation of wildlife laws.


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